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Bosse - SP & EC Guttatus Lord Poseidon


Chocolatespotted, neuter-male, born 6.6.2003

Breeder: Marjo Vormisto & Pekka Kangas

Bosse is The Special to me, because he is my first ocicat. Bosse moved to us in September 2003 and after that we haven't had life without ocicats.

Bosse is The Boss in our home (or he thinks so..) but still he has an awesome character. The only nasty thing in this cat is his look. Bosse knows how to get attention if he feels he has not got it enough. He also wants to sleep next to me in bed. Bosse tells his opinion about things often, and he can't stand noise. He is also jealous of me and no matter how old or big he will ever be, he will always be my baby!

Big thanks to Guttatus-cattery for this dynamite-cat!

"This cat is dynamite"
-Judge Larry Adkison (USA)-

Photo: Åsa Petré