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Pigglet - Moosegrove Humorista Humildé


Chocolate-tabby ocicat, neuter-male, born 27.12.2006

Breeder: Ida Sousa and Sari Jääskeläinen

Pigglet moved to us on 6th May 2007. This little humorist made immediately clear who is The Man in the house. He may have been physically smallest, but his ego is bigger than other's:) Pigglet is not afraid of anything or anyone. He put our guests to play with him and if he doesn't get enough, he goes sitting to lap and demands more. After playing he lays down to mom's lap and purrs a lot:) Pigglet has amazing character and also the colour and pattern is fabulous, like melted chocolate. Someone said it is even more beautiful than spotted..

Thank you, Sari and Ida, and especially Emil, for this lovely " weasel" :)