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Uuno - GIP & EC Recknagel Uunoturhapuro


Tawnyspotted, neuter-male, born 6.11.2004

Breeder: Marjo and Merja Mäkinen

Uuno moved to us in February 2005. Uuno has born from Bosse's and Telma's (EC S*Halifax Tequila Rose, JW) sparkling first love.

Uuno is funny and lovely cat. At home he is running around almost all the time and maybe that is the reason why he has fallen and crashed more than cats usually do. Someone could think that he is a bit simple, but he only has a different view of life:)

Uuno likes to come close when we are sleeping or laying on the sofa and he's purring all the time. He likes to come under the blanket too.Uuno is interested about new flavours and his favourites are any kind of snacks. He takes them from the bag himself. Uuno likes to play a lot and he could follow the feather-toy to the moon. But only at home, in shows he is hiding under the blankets!

Thank you, Marjo and Merja, for this heartbreaker!

Photo: Jan Nyström